The JH Tribute Strat set replicates, for the right handed player, what it was like for Jimi to play a right handed guitar left handed. This set is wound to 1968 specs. and has a left hand vintage stagger on the AlNiCo 5 magnets, Grey bottom flat work, 42 gauge Plain Enamel magnet wire, PVC lead wire. This set nails his woodstock tone and has unbelievable quack for that Little Wing sound. If your guitar has a humbucker route for the bridge you can install a pickguard with a reverse angled bridge pickup to complete this pickup set. I believe that the reverse stagger and the reverse angle bridge pickup is the main secret to achieving Jimi’s tone This set is also available in a right hand stagger for the left handed player.
Neck : 5.85k Mid : 5.85k Bridge : 5.90k