Years of research and development (rd) went into the making of this paf style set.

   This set is bright and airy with great string definition and full sounding.  The steel alloys for all of the magnetic components are manufactured and matched as close as possible with todays steels and sound identical to the original’s components. Top this off with real butyrate bobbins that not only look like the originals, but smell like them to. Alnico 4 magnets: neck and bridge.

   By popular demand i have created a new set combining the rd-59lw neck and the rd-59 bridge. So, now you have it, the rd-59 hybrid set.

    This is a classic 57 PAF style set with rich, warm harmonics and have an excellent clean tone. They have a high end that is very articulate, a warm bottom end, and a balanced midrange. If you are looking for classic 57 PAF tone then this is the set for you. Magnets are Alnico 2 in the neck and bridge positions. Pickups are wound in a traditional PAF fashion with 42 gauge plain enamel coil wire, nickel silver base plates, single conductor braided lead wire, and includes your choice of covers.
Neck: 7.4 k ohms Bridge: 7.9 k ohms.

    Le Fatty 57 est une réplique du fameux classic 57 de chez Gibson. 

    Si vous reprochez à l'original ses médiums trop présents et son manque de basses, vous serez surpris avec ce Fatty 57 dont les médiums ont été adoucis et les basses rendues rondes tout en gardant le grain de l'original : un Must.  

RD-59 PAF    


    - Capot Nickel


Set Fatty 57     


    - Capot Nickel


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